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Weight Lifting Gym Unicorn Tank Top

Weight Lifting Gym Unicorn Tank Top
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Carolina will never have a coach quite like this man. I can honestly say that this man is and always will be one of the greatest and nothing will change that. I just hope that good ol Coach Roy can keep it going cuz I think this is going to a little tough for our boys in the only shade of blue that matters. Happy Birthday and God Bless you. Such a classy, professional. Carolina basketball has never been the same since you retired. Dean was a Pioneer in integrating sports in the ACC when it wasn’t the popular thing to do…Great Man!!! Just like there can be no light without darkness, no good without evil, there could be no Coach K without Dean Smith. Not saying he’s evil (though he did coach the “evil ones”), just that for so many years, those two (Dean and K) were the Yin and Yang of the ACC Basketball universe. Happy birthday Dean! A good man, a legend. Happy Birthday Coach Dean,I hope you Bless with many more.Blessing from Shirley and Roger Allen of Winterville NC. God Bless you Coach!  I’m a Duke fan but everybody respects Coach Dean Smith! Happy Birthday Sir! One of the nicest men I’ve ever met. A true Christian who was very active in his church as long as his health allowed. Many people who criticize him don’t know this.

Weight Lifting Gym Unicorn ShirtGot to have lunch with him a number of years ago and heard him speak a couple times, wish he was able to be AD at UNC, I do not think there would be the issues that arose. At least he does not know about them considering his condition. Happy birthday, And hopefully many, many more to come. You were and always will be the best to ever grace the hardwood! God bless you. Happy Birthday to a wonderful coach with a loving heart that reaches out to people in an amazing way. He took time to see my youngest son, Stuart who had Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, and was so gracious to our family. Stuart passed away 5 years ago and he never forgot his coach. Susan Dunn–just enjoy the picture of the greatest coach in the world~~~ I’d wish him happy birthday from now on if he enjoyed it–lol .  Happy 81st Coach! From a fellow Topekan, Hayden alum and Blue Devil who loves basketball to you an Emporian, Topeka High grad, Jayhawk, Tarheel Coach and lbasketball egend who extended the game from legends: the founder James Naismith, Coach Phog Allen, John McClendon. Respect! No hatin’ fellow Blue Devils – this is a great man! Birthday or no birthday, he was and is the most shining example of sportsmanship and an incredible human being who did more to support the cause for expansion of human rights than anyone I personally know.

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