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I like my news honest and clear. A report on a social phenomenon in which women are legitimately feeling repressed doesn’t need dishonest reporting to be a thing we ought to feel upset about. Why infer this is actual policy all whilst clearly stating they have no proof any company has made this actual policy? I read a report on the same issue on NHK and they had interviewed a woman who had been told explicitly that she may not wear glasses. It sounded like a policy of theirs to me. Also with the airlines, it sounded like a policy, although also applied to men. It’s actually very common in China for jobs to advertised to only women of certain size, color, you must be attractive, of certain measurements. They can also advertise just solely for men, with having restrictions to women working there. it’s insane! For a government to allow this shows the lack of care for its people. This is a criminal offense. The companies need to be sued in a court of law. Wearing glasses, in many cases, is not by choice. It could be due to medical circumstances.

Well, what an idiotic and discriminatory rule. When younger, of working age, I wore spectacles at times and contact lenses at other times. My short sight meant it was unsafe for me to even attempt to cross the road without, let alone see to do my work. Eventually, I was unable to wear contact lenses again due to corneal scratches. No one should be forced to leave off their specs, which nowadays can be a very attractive addition to one’s face! Aww, what the fluff is this all about. I wear glasses and contact lenses I like the choice. I have some extremely fashionable designer frames which I’ve paid a lot of money for. Therefore I’d defo be wearing them when I wanted to. I certainly wouldn’t want it dictated to me what I should wear! Also, there are very few lenses you can wear 24 hours a day seven days a week. You have to give your eyes a rest from the lenses. It’s unlikely (!) the company have an agreement with a union. If they did and I was an employee I’d definitely be approaching a union rep about sexist and discriminatory behavior.

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