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Rufus If private life is an issue why is it OK that our current “Christ loving” orange dunkoff cheating on his wife with his next wife and then cheated in her with a porn star and I can only assume others. Just stopping at that, wh is that acceptable Top Shirts On Fuzetees.OverBlog On 2020/02/15 not 1 guy being in love with another Is it b/c that “personal life is an issue” only when it means “thinly veiled homophobia Yes, that answer is yes. Last time I checked, Pete Buttigieg has not been accused by over 40 people of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape. Fuzetees – ACDC Harley Davidson Shirt lies the rub and the fallacy in your argument. No one deserves “privacy” to be a sexual predator with no consequences


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