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Farees Syed we have ample natural gas in the bakken oil fields, we can’t even sell it all so they juat burn off the excess. We have the WEAKEST President in the oval office with a FAILED Record. He’s the most unpopular & rejected President Venom Wick Shirt. He’s also the biggest threat to the Union since Jefferson Davis. Under these circumstances, anybody can win  I’m not sure advertising that that is a good idea . How long do we think it will be before NATO find evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

Venom Wick Shirt

There’s a Turkey in this oven shirt

House of Desde 2019 Chingasos shirt

Eat beef drink and be merry shirt

I’m usually about live laugh love but today is more like raise aim fire reload shirt

Jason censored crystal lake shirt

Prove it text evidence shirt

Some medical assistants cus to much Nure shirt

McDonald’s Santa Claus riding Reindeer shirt

Official I put a Turkey in that oven shirt

Lunch ladies are god’s way of putting angels on earth shirt

Kaepernick 7 hat shirt


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