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This should extend to general health to. Bring parents into schools and educate them alongside the children. I think an hour after school is time well invested. Seriously, parental responsibility! Take The Dodgers Walking Road Shirt with giving kids smoothies and fruit juice drinks…these are highlighted as healthy alternatives but the sugar concentration is massive, water is the best betThe Dodgers Walking Road sweater

The Dodgers Walking Road Shirt

Harry Potter Glass Disneyland and Hogwart shirt

Deadpool fernet branca shirt

Deadpool I’m Not Crazy I Prefer The Term Mentally Hilarious Vintage Shirt

Championship Rings The Bronx Standard Shirt

Awareness Black Girl Hope Shirt

Harry Potter Friends Parody shirt

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Flair 92 Savage Woo Yeah shirt

Fkn Diabolical Adventures Of Homelander The Boys Nevermore Shirt

Gerardo Parra Shark Shirt

Eugenio Suarez The Great Bam Geno Eugenio Suarez Shirt

I Was Born In November I’m Not That Perfect Christian I’m The One Who Knows I Need Jesus Shirt


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