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Kids that are ignored by their parents act out to get their attention. This is true across all social classes, though the form of the I’m The Friend shirt out varies. Kira isn’t invited to accompany her father anywhere, and he doesn’t talk to her when he’s home. He and her mother have frightening drug and alcohol addictions that increase the lack of contact and the dearth of affection their daughter receives.I'm The Friend shirt

I’m The Friend shirt

Juneteenth Celebrate Freedom Shirt

Drake Night troll game 5 Warriors vs Raptors shirt

La chose la plus stupide que vous puisiez faire est D’emmerder shirt

My Broom broke so now I drive a Jeep shirt

Official Shake shirt

Super daddio Happy Father’s day shirt

The Lion King Simba and Mufasa Dad T Shirt

Some nurse cuss a lot It’s me I’m some nurse shirt

World’s best cat dad shirt

Yes I am a spoiled son but not yours I am the property of a freaking awesome mom shirt








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