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I keep telling family and friends that I just would like to spend time with them or celebrate w a delicious meal. They don’t get it. They are caught in the rut of materialistic living. It’s a status quo.  I’ve been in the   Wolf Viking Hello Darkness My Old Friend Shirt boat. As you get older the less you want gifts. It’s just a waste of money exchanging gifts at holiday time. When you spend the money that on yourself that you would on other people then you know what you want. It also lets them off the hook.

Imagestees-  Wolf Viking Hello Darkness My Old Friend Shirt

Imagestees-Wolf hello darkness my old friend shirt

Imagestees-We Can Do it Rebellions Are Built On Hope Shirt

Imagestees-The Chiefs Patrick Mahomes Travis Kelce Chris Jones Tyreek Hill Shirt

Imagestees- The Chain Fleetwood Mac shirt 

Imagestees-St.Patrick’s Day Drink Up Bitches Shirt 

Imagestees-St Patrick’s Day Blood inside Me Flag Shirt

Imagestees-Sharks Are My Valentine Shirt

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Imagestees- Mermaid Off Duty Shirt 

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