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Everyone is missing the I’m A Simple Woman I Love Sunshine Butterflies And Dogs Shirt. He is the most unpresidential president in recent history; his habit of denigrating people and calling them names in public is just terrible. Reminds me of a four-year-old. time the sub intelligent ugly I so much admire Trump’s retorts & repartees on opposition. Some good sarcasm gets them served. Trump has his face broadcast, he gives hope to all of the losers in the world. He makes them think that even though they are sub par they too can be leaders. Stop broadcasting his face, I am not immune to it . It makes me and other viewers feel ill, it will never be normal.

I'm A Simple Woman I Love Sunshine Butterflies And Dogs sweater


I’m A Simple Woman I Love Sunshine Butterflies And Dogs Shirt

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God is good all the time Shirt

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Iron Man And Spider Man Heroes In One Hero Signature Shirt

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Skull Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die Sunset Vintage Retro Shirt

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There Is No Place Like Terra Sunset Shirt


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