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We have hedgehogs visiting our garden every night and to our excitement noticed that they are using the Joker jack Nicholson Joaquin phoenix Mark Hamill Heath ledger Cesar Romero shirt. I get a visitor every year now, she had four babies last year. They would wander about the front and back garden and happy to scuttle past my feet. Just the other day, I had a hedgehog in my back garden absolutely delighted, my back garden is overgrown with grass, flowers, nettles, etc, I have a Camelia tree in my garden, it’s a beauty! In the summer I get bees, ladybirds, butterflies, wasps, spiders, all sorts of insects, it’s just a paradise for creepy crawlies.

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I would adore having hedgehogs in my garden. I’ve done everything possible to attract them. Spaces under fences, food left out, piles of leaves and I even bought a hedgehog house. Used to see them as a child at home but not seen one here for years. I saw on the Brian May hedgehog program that if everyone in the UK with a garden cut a 13cm square out of their fence, it would dramatically increase the hedgehog numbers as they would be able to travel through the gaps.

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We found a young hedgehog in our street blinded in one eye and very weak. We took it to the vet and he treated it for lungworm free of charge and told us how to remove the tics. We fed it for a week on cat food until it was strong and let it go it scampered off!

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When I first moved into my house we had lots of hedgehogs,we could hear them grunting in the garden when they were mating. An elderly couple nearby had a huge compost heap and the hogs sheltered there. The couple moved on and the new owners cleared everything to build a summerhouse so no more hogs.

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Heartbreaking to see so many on the roads that didn’t make it. But glad that warnings are being introduced. We have them in our garden every year as we have a house for them under bushes. My brother has whole families of them feasting every night! They get quite loud if the foods not out on time! I have three hedgehogs in my garden there home is a huge mound of sticks they have made a hole in it so looks like an igloo Feeling blessed

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One of my favorite videos. We’re lucky to have lots of hedgehogs in the garden every evening visiting our hedgehog feeding station plus the 3 inside the house that we are fostering as they’re only about the size of the babies in this picture. We’ve got several visitors this year. It is so important to put food and water down throughout the year, to help these adorable creatures survive.

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One of my dearest friends rears abandon hoglets and nurses older hedgehogs to be released back into the wild near to the area where they where found. Occasionally they are too old or have injuries so cannot be released and so they remain with her in a special hedgehog area. The 3 hoglets in the video are feeding well and should hopefully be ready to be released soon.

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Here in the UK, a child of 13 and above can consent to vaccinations if they show Dogs and Hippie girl On a dark desert highway cool wind in my hair shirt of why they are being vaccinated, even if parents have previously refused. It’s called Gillick competence. Unfortunately, because they have a financed system the parents can refuse to pay and the child is on the parent’s insurance and unable to pay.

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What about aluminum in the vaccines. Babies can not handle it and what makes it worse is they give babies multiple vaccines at the Unicorn feeling stabby shirt. I have laughed that she can catch something when she spoke with my sick mum on Skype with the younger one I wait until 20 months for her first vaccination. After a shot she started seizures she wasn’t a baby one, she was a toddler and even that she had some problems after vaccination. I don’t want to imagine how badly she could be injured when I started normally.

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