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Toothless and stitch Long Sleeve

Toothless and stitch Long Sleeve
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Probably one of the better birthdays in a while. Lunch followed by a massage, a fantastic haul of new goodies from Torrid which includes 3 dresses and an awesome gothy black Toothless and stitch Long Sleeve, Toothless from Build a Bear (complete with roar), Stitch from the Disney store, a killer smoothie, dinner out complete with the obligatory free embarrassment dessert, and a 2015 Game of Thrones calendar and a new copy of Beetle the Bard to replace the one that got doggie nom nom’d and now a movie to end the night.

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Toothless and stitch sweat shirt

If anyone has a chance to comment/share this post I would greatly appreciate it, as I may have my first design print for a Toothless and stitch Long Sleeve. I’ve received some feedback on the Stitch/Megaman & Toothless/Rush piece from 2015. There is a growing interest in the design being put on Toothless and stitch Long Sleeve, so I’ve looked into a couple options about it. Before I submit a mock up to any of these sites I figured I’d let people weigh in. The biggest hurdle for getting the design approved, would be the color limitations. All of these sites have a max 7 color screen printing limitation, and though the piece I have is flat color there is about double the colors allowed.

Toothless and stitch shirt
Now it’s possible with a halftone setup (each color gets comprised of tiny dots instead of solid color), that I might be able to swing having a few more colors. My question to everyone here is, if the design gets rejected for having to many colors, would you all like to see mock ups for different ideas I may have to get Toothless and stitch Long Sleeve to work?

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