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We have Americans who can’t afford insurance as well as basic needs, let’s take care of our own. We need to stop offering health insurance to politicians as well, let them struggle like the rest of us. And even more than the cost is the Shih Tzu Santa Claus Christmas shirt that we also pay for our own health insurance and still have copays while theirs would be free. Doesn’t sound quite right, does it? I can’t believe anyone would vote for any of them! They are not for Americans obviously! That’s supposed to make voters happy? Most of us legal Americans have to pay for ours! Don’t want our taxes to go up for that. This is nuts! We can barely afford our insurance and pay thousands in deductibles before the insurance even kicks in. And we’re giving insurance to people that came illegally. Who would have guessed this was possible a few years ago.

Shih Tzu Santa Claus Christmas shirt
Dalmatian Santa Claus Christmas shirt

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