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Review Fortnite Nike T Shirt

Review Fortnite Nike T Shirt
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Haha honestly tho you think anyone would hire him for anything after that stunt he pulled, this is literally the only thing he has left to do in his life. Connor Tyler Actually yeah, just like when they hired Robert Downey Jr. and Mike Tyson. He’s relevant and still doing good content, so much so that even the haters watch because they want to criticize. I will just say that you’re sick af and worse than logan if you really think that he’s worse than hitler! Really sick thinkin’. That’s so creepy you have a picture of him as your profile picture. Who does that?  They just cant move on xD even dead they will still complain geez people are cry baby. I support you Elyssa ♡ logang is human too but just because he is famous envy people is going to talk like that about him. If u hate logan and u don’t wanna accept his apology.. Then go and leave him alone.. Just shut up.. If he isn’t famous ppl wouldn’t care or talk bout him like that…  Chris Pueyo. Its not envy its pity XD fukin egomaniac selfcentered prick logan paul. He said he was going to go find a dead body and he did, i mean there was plenty of forewarning on that, so really its a null issue in all reality since you as the audience had the ability to tell him to not do it well in advance since those plans were out in the open for a while. Regardless if he does go hunt for a dead body i want him to find hoffa, that would be interesting. Go back to school, and check on your grammar to make sure you make sense. You get out of this comment section, this is called ENTERTAINMENT not “ruining game world”. Facebook comment warriors don’t have lives so just ignore them. They’re all dumb anyways!

Fortnite Nike Shirt

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I didn’t try to watch his video Facebook is a butthole and thought I wanted to watch him. Saying sorry doesn’t take back such a horrendous action. He proved he has no love and no care for any one he just wants to be famous. But yet still gets millions of views every video he posts. Hmmm doesnt seem so dead to social media to me.  Debanhi Devonne Cuevas oh who cares 1 mill is 1/10 of new york city, theres 6 bill on the planet, not very viral, especially considering more than 5% of the population has mental disabilities, thats a pretty easy number to score with the right ads, plus he makes fun of dead people, hes a scumbag and your in that 5%. Justin Cheatham He has over 17million people that watch him and his subscriber count keeps going up not down. If you go threw his videos. He gets over 50m views 20m views 10m views on most. Hes recent vlogs he still gets 4 to 5m views. If he wasn’t on probation every video would be on trending. Every Youtuber wishes they had that type of following. Not everyone holds a gurdge thats life. Assuming all his fans have a mental disability is just ignorant. He is 23 years old. His career just started. Everyone has there own opinions about that video Why the controversy blew up like it did. All it did just made him more famous. Whats with all these butt ugly people liking logan paul. Sheikh Abdullah Logan is a scum bag with a bad social image after the crap he pulled earlier this year, Drake is loved by many whereas Logan is hated by many. Sheikh Abdullah go find a twitter post by ninja. Logan and jake are trying to publicise that thet are affiliated with ninja but ninja himself said he wants nothing to do with either of them. If wont happen.

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