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People treat one another like dirt and destroy each other’s lives then drive them to suicide with zero consequences. But somebody kills a fish that would eat you if it had a chance and there is public outrage? I am pretty sure that dragging a catch that is too big to be safely brought on board back too shore was common practice. I wouldn’t bring a 12-14 foot shark on board a 22 ft boat. I didn’t see the video and can’t find it now. But I bet there is more to the story the just dragging a fish home. Wow, really every 1 acting like he took a human life a shark is a killing machine when it attacks a human and takes an arm leg off or a big bite out of the person or kills them is there a huge outcry let go find that shark hell no.

A national pro-Trump protest of the Democrats trying to impeach our President should be organized. We should march on congress and demand they cease this nonsense! Get back to work legislating! The house has done nothing for 4 years and are becoming rich off middle-class tax dollars! I’ll tell you this I have never protested anything in my life but if this ends up Taking out a duly elected president elected by the people without some real proof that is undeniable proof, not closed-door meetings. I promise you I will be in Washington and I will summit every single person I know to come with me. I used to live in a communist country. It was terrible. I see the similarity between the communist regime and socialist democrats. They are so corrupted. They just want to distribute people’s wealth to the poor and then steal everything into their pockets. They want to control your freedom. Kamala wants to silence Trump.

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