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Koala Pray For Australia Hoodies


Koala Pray For Australia Shirt Hien has been in Saigon for ten years now. A few years ago, Hien’s father came and came to visit him once. At that time, Hien showed him that he was making a profit and promised him that he would accumulate a little more capital before he got married. He believes in his children. But the more he believed, the more he was disappointed. He went to Saigon this time according to the wishes of his wife, but also of him, advising his son to live in his hometown.

Following the address shown in the letter, he went to the place where he lived. It’s still a rented room, about twenty square meters wide. Koala Pray For Australia Shirt He arrived just in time for Hien to return to work. In the home, apart from the old Viettronic TV, the furnishings were not worth anything. In bed, blankets, clothes scattered. The ground is strewn with bottles, dishes. Looking at that scene, he became more depressed, more and more motivated to arrest Hien.

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