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Fortnite Just Play It V Neck T shirt for Ladies

Fortnite Just Play It V Neck T shirt for Ladies
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Sorry for my bad eng .  Thank you for making it only 1200 Vbucks. Between this one and the glow on the dark guy I got 2 skins for the price of 1. And this guy is awesome looking. I put the Raptor backpack on him and he looks great. I myself like a lot of the outfits but i really think this game is ripping all of our buts off.
My dumbass paid for the disc. I didn’t know until afterwards that it was free to play. So then i pay for that and later pay out more money for battlepass and then even more money to get outfits thats like 20 bucks or more for cosmetic shit. To find out how much Epic games is making that they dont release a brand new map!
Can yall say….
Wheres the vass…ooo lean!!!
Utterly horrendous.
No appeal what so ever.
Great game but totally lacks on creativity when it comes to characters. Ive never complained about the shotguns before but I just did a headshot with a blue pump for 23 DAMAGE. He had zero shield and my headshot did 23 damage. Cmon now. Oh wow another reskin. This time you’re metal…woah. get rid of the port a fort please. Tired of kicking someone’s ass only for them to throw one instead of building. U make outfits, and we have to pay for it, but If u Could make a option Where we Could pay for making our skins, 50 vbucks for item would be awesome so u not gonna lose any money. Im seriously over a close range body shot doing 9 fucking damage. Fix it before i quit the game and i know a lot of people are just as frusturated. When was the last time u killed a whole sqaud on 7 hp with 5 bullets in a pump lol. I feel like the picture is a cover for the scene from I Robot with Will Smith when he’s looking for the robot with the thousand others. Annnd another malfunction. Chest shot close range 9 damage. Rocket launch at kids feet 0 damage. Literally most fucking pathetic game devs ever to exist.

Fortnite Just Play It T Shirt

Fortnite with another trash skin you guys really dont care about the plebs do you im here speaking for my freinds who poorly uses the free , its season 4 now you guys could atleast think of adding new clothes to the character. Still gona play though dont wanna waste my battle pass.  Please, people of Fortnite, do u can put the, skull trooper?, that’s my favorite skin of all.
PLEASE!! I would appreciate it very much. Harvesting tool for the raven?!… you can’t spend v bucks at the store. only the item shop. Harvesting tool for the raven? Come on already. Thanos has 500hp? He was already insanely easy to kill, no point of getting the infinity gauntlet now pretty much lol. Wish people didn’t glitch and get the refund option disabled. Got a few skins I’d trade in like the leprechaun girl. I found a bug that crashes the game you need to get rid of it I hate that it always crashes the game my fortnite name on psn is Scott.  Bring back 50 vs 50 because im sucks at solo,duo, and squad.

Availabe here for both men and women styles: Fortnite Just Play It T Shirt

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