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Dance it out shirt

Dance it out shirt
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Not long now, get something yellow or blue to wear. Be creative or come in a yellow shirt, blue shirt, other ideas include head pieces. These are easy to dance in. Thank you for supporting this event in advance. Can’t wait to dance it out. Come Dance It Out on July 19th for a great cause! As an added incentive, I’m sharing a little video of one of my first DIO classes. Check us out as we dance to Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied! Bonus points for spotting me dancing around the side (hint: look for the hot pink shirt). Dance it out shirt!

t always touches my heart when great teachers have a positive impact and strong bond with students! Keep up the great work teachers and always show those kiddos how much they mean to you too!Really sad for sure and you can be sure most of the parents are buying there smokes and beer……..The only one I think is not real is the one about the dad being deported, kinda think ABC stuck that one in for Obama!!!!!

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So many children in our world live in untold misery every single day of their little lives. There is going to be a reckoning some day!

Dance it out Tank top

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