The Resort 2022 Trends Are All About Making A Statement

There is less consensus on the silhouette of “It” and more on the underlying desire to get dressed again.
Thinking too much about fashion’s previous collections can give you a headache (or at least, make you feel like you’re the “It’s Always Sunny” meme). At this point, the actual calendar and the show schedule aren’t closely linked – we’ve seen the Fall 2021 collections since December and are still far from perfect – and the clothes themselves aren’t always perfect. corresponding to their time of year’ is supposed to give. This becomes even higher as we navigate the Resort 2022 market.

Firstly, what does “resort” even mean? Are these the clothes you plan to wear on vacation? If so, they’re for when going somewhere warm (like, wearing summer clothes) or when you’re traveling somewhere cold and snowy (so better suited for après-ski) ? Are they only for the summer? (So, what’s the Pre-Fall for?) Or, if these pieces are meant to move your wardrobe from season to season, they’re for the deep winter when clothing is “fall” Are yours uncut or are they for those not-so-sad-but-still-not-quite-warm days right before spring? (Then, why are some of them skipping the net in June)?

Honestly, brands don’t seem to have the right answers to these questions either: Scans of Resort 2022 collections reveal everything from warm-weather wear to knitwear. lightweight, party dresses to bulky outerwear. It can feel confusing and overwhelming – like the market, broader.

Now, there’s a silver lining to all of this: No matter what you like, what you need, or what you desire, you’ll likely find a particular look or product that speaks to your idea. You’re among Resort 2022’s offerings. And when it comes to trends, we’ll talk less about specific “It” silhouettes and more about shared references, inspiration, and stories. color.

There is a hidden sense of pleasure in getting dressed again, transitioning into bold, expressive use of patterns and color palettes, as well as an appreciation for comfort and familiarity, seen in the reenactment of “back to school” knitted clothing. We’ve rounded up some of these big Resort 2022 trends in the galleries, below.

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