Great Outfits In Fashion History: Solange Knowles’s Cape Bridal Jumpsuit

There are those celebrity style moments that fit perfectly, and then there are the moments that really stick with you, the moments you try so hard to recreate at home. In ‘The Great Outfits in Fashion History’, Fashionista editors are revisiting their all-time favorite lewks.
With weekends piled up by the wedding pandemic postponed, it feels like my social media feed has become a Pinterest board for weddings, a bunch of lilies, long trains and lace – just a heavy buffet of tulle and bridal. It’s pretty nice, but I’m a bit off. Where to change clothes? Thankfully, scientific geniuses like Solange Knowles have survived and been married on a number of occasions, with ravishing looks worth your reference over and over again.
Beyoncé’s super cool sister wore six (!) never-ending ivory outfits to her 2014 wedding festival in New Orleans. Though she’s since split from Alan Ferguson, every piece of clothing Knowles wears deserves its own place, especially the cream-colored haute couture jumpsuit she wore to cycling to the ceremony. It’s a prime example of a time when a piece of clothing perfectly captures the mood of the moment: whimsical, distinctive, subtle and clever risk. Designed by Stéphane Rolland, the bike-friendly jumpsuit features a cape and sloping neckline. Knowles paired it with nude sandals and a striking red lip. The main accessory is a bicycle painted white and decorated with flowers.

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