Great Outfits In Fashion History: Katie Holmes Does Y2k Minimalism In Calvin Klein

White tee + cool skirt = no brainer.
There are those celebrity style moments that fit perfectly, and then there are the moments that really stick with you, the moments you try so hard to recreate at home. In ‘The Great Outfits in Fashion History’, Fashionista editors are revisiting their all-time favorite lewks.
The Y2K style isn’t strictly associated with minimalism, but let Calvin Klein intelligently bring the simplicity of the last decade into the new millennium. And who better than a fresh face, “Dawson’s Creek” -era Katie Holmes to bring this aesthetic to the world?
I pondered this look, which Holmes wore to the “X-Men” premiere in New York in July 2000, and debated whether it was interesting enough to write about, though. it’s very far from me. . Then one day I saw a Tweet by @TheKimbino highlighting its look and origins: Calvin Klein’s spring 2000 collection.
The collection is Klein’s best – the fashion equivalent of a “don’t miss” album. It also features the most uniform, white cast I’ve ever seen, and while we should certainly let go of that lack of variety in the past, there’s a look I wouldn’t be happy to wear today.
Holmes’ snakeskin skirt is one of the bolder dresses, and although I’ve given up on the exotic material, I love the length, the shape, and I even like the short (god, I just fit) say that?). Meanwhile, the white baby tee celebrates the minimalist aesthetic while adding a modern, youthful, casual touch. The sophisticated black watch and the medium strap sandals serve as the perfect accessories.
Now I’m on the hunt for similarly shaped dresses to pair with many of my white t-shirts. Buy a few from the collection below.

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