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Hiss cat kiss band shirt


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Hiss cat kiss band shirt

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I’ve told my husband that it’s his choice and if that’s the best thing to do then do it but I don’t want to know whilst I’m alive so I guess this is the best way. I believe this is a great law and once my life is over please pass whatever you can of me to the next person. It’s pointless anyway, the relatives usually kick up such a Hiss cat kiss band shirt that the hospitals follow their wishes and not the deceased. I don’t need it when I’m gone. My family knows my wishes. I love to know I’m going to carry on helping someone when I’m gone. I’m sure the people who extract organs respect the body that has passed. They are professional and medically trained.

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The way I see it, they not gonna try very hard to keep you alive just to steal your organs and sell them at a huge profit. We have this system here in Austria and it works perfectly fine, we don’t experience an organ shortage as much as other countries. Although I personally think its a great idea and always have, the cynical side of me expects there will be plenty of cases/lawsuits coming soon where family members don’t want it when a loved one has died but they didn’t opt out. What happens when a Hiss cat kiss band shirt is adamant they meant to do it?

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I’ve signed off so many forms and donated organs here and there of mine over the Hiss cat kiss band shirt that I’ve forgotten what I’m donating!  I would rather pass them on to someone who is still living and give them a better life with their family. I am all for the opting out system instead of in, less will go to waste and more lives can be saved. Increase the number of donors. However, on an issue as important as this, I feel the authorities should be acting on the grounds of clear intent, clearly expressed, not on the basis of presuming that someone agrees purely because they haven’t said that they don’t.

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