Trenddroppremium – Dad The Veteran The Legend Fathers Day T-Shirt

It was a snippet of a video that was taken right before President Biden’s first address to Congress: a clip of Doug Emhoff, the second gentleman of the United States and a longtime high-powered lawyer (he was a partner at the Trenddroppremium – Dad The Veteran The Legend Fathers Day T-Shirt law firm DLA Piper before leaving his post last year for a new teaching gig), blowing his wife kisses and waving lovingly at her. A girl on Twitter posted the video with a caption about how the perfect man is out there, and that got me thinking about what a profoundly modern marriage Vice President Kamala Harris has. It’s the kind of marriage that women in my mother’s generation didn’t know could exist. For decades, popular culture has told American women that they had a choice: marriage or career. The idea that you could marry for the first time in your late 40s was something unimaginable to my mother’s generation. Harris married Emhoff in 2014, when they were both almost 50; it’s Emhoff’s second marriage and Harris’s first. By that time, Harris was a two-term attorney general for a state that is larger than many countries. In a nation where the median age for a woman to get married is about 28, Vice President Harris is an incredibly exciting outlier.

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