This is our shot shirt

I think you need some advice from a Vietnamese living in This is our shot shirt like me. Go back to your homeland and speak Vietnamese like a normal person. Maybe the locals will recognize that you are a Viet Kieu, however it doesn’t cause any problems. The government does not propagate that we should hate Vietnamese migrants, you can go anywhere in this country without any hindrance. The Vietnamese are very friendly, they will treat you like a longtime neighbor. Unless you want to go to jail by carrying 3 stripes and meddling in Vietnamese politics. Once my MIL came home from a salon and told me she met with my husbands ex’s mother. She went on to tell me that her mother said to her that you know we could have been in-laws but things didn’t turn out in that direction. Now this is something my MIL could have not told me as it did make it awkward between us when she talked about my husbands ex and her mother. I did not need to know!!This is our shot shirt

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They get paid by the government or by the defense and the plaintiff. It depends on the type of case and the situation. They are not supposed to be on the side of the defense or on the side of the plaintiff/prosecutor, but there are some experts who are known to have a tendency to be witnesses more frequently for one side or the other. And sometimes you will see an expert who is surprisingly biased. One of the expert witnesses brought in for Chauvin’s defense is a good example of this. That expert went so far out of line that all of the cases he was involved with in his home state are going to be reviewed. I took it down and my friend proceeded to break it open and box was full of 50 and 100 dollar bills equalling about $5000. He called the realtor who sold him the house and basicly said what you find in the house is yours…as this house was on the market for over 5 years until my friend bought it. The real estate company bought the house from the previous owner and had no way to contact them

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