Official Mac Attack shirt

Do I have a problem with kids in a Official Mac Attack shirt? No, far from it. What I don’t want to see is some poor creature being dragged into their teens with bitter memories of chicken nuggets, smiley potato faces and fish shaped stuff. Small portions could be the future, but can play havoc in the kitchen. One place I used to stay was the Civil Service Club in London. They don’t do a kid’s menu, but the steward at the time had no problem with getting the kitchen to split a meal over two plates. This happened one night as my wife and kids had come down to stay for the weekend. They saw my scampi, chips and peas and I had to re-order something else as they went in stealthily and seized my plate. The next day, the kitchen did two plates with half a portion including the whole newspaper and fryer basket presentation. My mother died when I was 9 and my older brother and dad were killed in a car accident when I was 13. I lived with neighbors until I was 15 then on the street until I could afford a room when I was 18. You don’t look back, just ahead. What do you want to make of yourself, how do you want to live. If you have family who will help care for you you are lucky and be sure to appreciate it.Official Mac Attack shirt

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The second wedding was on a clear blue sky day. We had bought a house, and were packed up and ready to go, kids out of school and all, we got a phone call, and it turned out the owner didn’t want to leave. We spent that week undoing all we had done to move, seeing lawyer and realtor, and trying to convince them that since the house had sold they really did have to move. There were no ‘backsies’. The first time, there was a blizzard and we went to our new apartment only to find that his sister hadn’t gotten through to clean it up and I was greeted by stacks of dirty dishes that went up to the bottom of the cabinets. We did nothing much, but I did get pregnant. In time I’d also get a divorce. Then there were the in laws. They came from out of state and there weren’t many choices of motels or hotels in our area, and of course we were all packed up in boxes. We came in to find them sitting on their suitcases saying they were going to spend the week with us because the hotel was sleazy. Oh, and did I mention that my husband was running a temperature of a hundred and two?

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