Kansas City Chiefs 11 Alex Smith NFLPA shirt

We had a union that I had the Kansas City Chiefs 11 Alex Smith NFLPA shirt sense to join. When I explained the situation, they went to bat for me, and EVERY employee in the department had their attendance audited. Apparently (and unsurprising), my boss was playing favorites. There were several other employees who were so egregiously in violation of the attendance policy, that they should have been fired before I was even hired. Sadly, the top admin let those employees go, but not before letting my boss go too. And she got reassigned to the worst hell-hole facility: it was take a job no one else would or lose all her seniority with the company. Plus, I was given my job back and back pay for her discriminatory actions. Kansas City Chiefs 11 Alex Smith NFLPA shirt

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My cat was quite disappointed when I released it outside. He’d been saving it for a snack later. He was great when the kids were tots, lazy when the teen years were on as and as a grandfather he sucks. And there is nothing I can do to get him to change. How serious can the virus be if you have to incentivize the vaccine? People would line up for miles to get the polio shot. Same for small pox. Same for the MMR group. The fact that people aren’t racing to get in line to get this one should tell you quite a lot about the current state of the pandemic. I knew a man once. Hell of a nice guy. When I was around 18, he would’ve been about 38. The type of guy that was always buying other people a drink, being just generally affable and good, real good company. To everybody. So, he had a wife and 4 daughters and they all lived with the wifes father. Nothing really untoward or unusual so far. Remember nobody had a bad word to say about this guy, he was very liked within our small community. But one day, after many years, while the 4 girls were growing up, one of the younger daughters innocently asked her school friend “which night did she get to sleep with her own father

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