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Could elect a kebab with sat nav for all I care because it would do a better job than President Mushy brain I think you are overdue for having your medication levels checked. I bet you or this Shaun woman won’t go on Fox to spout your opinions. Crying this hard over facts reported from your Facebook safe place seems troubling Not a liberal, not a leftie, not a Democrat, not anything else Fox news tells you to believe bro I’m on the BBC not Fox News.

Team Jesus shirt

F KOnce again BBC by being partial against Trump, aren’t you doing the same. Because you can’t post screenshots under a BBC link, or many other news articles you. You said you predicted everything that has happened in America but can’t post the screenshots to prove it.

Team Jesus hoodie

Trying not to allow mail in voting, gerrymandering, purging of voters, closing polling places in predominantly democratic areas, and all that cheating by republicans at mid terms will be repeated. Signed an ungrateful colonist BBC reports a statement made by William Evanina, head of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) and you don’t like it. Report on what matters there and leave American politics to the people it matters to.

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