Nxhshirt – Official Paintball It Only Matters If It Splatters Shirt

The Nxhshirt – Official Paintball It Only Matters If It Splatters Shirt first step in the Air-Ink manufacturing process is capturing PM 2.5, a particulate pollutant harmful to human health that’s produced by industrial machines. Once collected, the PM 2.5 goes through a filtration process that removes toxins, and it’s transformed into a pigment that replaces carbon black, which can be variously used for ink, dye, or paint. Apart from improving the air quality in the factories where the pollution is being captured and cutting down on the CO2 that would otherwise be created by producing carbon black, what’s beautiful about it is that “it’s the blackest black,” says Parkes. “At Pangaia, the area we’re trying to look at is where there’s abundance in the world and what we can use that’s waste,” explains Parkes. Working with innovators like Sharma’s Graviky Labs, the company has produced jackets filled with a goose-down replacement made from flowers. It’s also experimenting with seaweed-fiber fabrics, seaweed cultivation being far easier on the planet than cotton production, which requires copious amounts of water and pesticides. This Air-Ink launch is the first time that Pangaia has utilized pollution to create an end product.

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