Just a girl in love with her George Strait shirt

Whenever we wanted to teach our daughter something, Just a girl in love with her George Strait shirt would say we started at the wrong age. She would ignore his and my opinion and say she knows it better. She would give my daughter dairy products when she was 6 months, tea and coffee when she turned one year old. Every time she would realise there is no financial support, she would hurt me in any way possible and manipulate him. I noticed that my 9 year old son was in his room talking I assumed either with a headset on playing an online game or to his older sister or possibly talking one of the pets. However he exited his bedroom and I noticed the TV was off there were no pets in his room, out of curiosity I walk in and look down and I see his cell phone. I usually have strict guidelines for their phones and check it often and put parental restrictions on there. So I pick up the phone and realized that my son is having a conversation with himself ..telling himself have a good day at school, good luck on his spelling test this week, and that his sister look kind of depressed was asking himself should he tell her how beautiful she is to make her feel better.

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Any reply to himself saying that she’s most beautifulest girl he’s ever seen and he loves her and she doesn’t hear that enough and in response he told himself, I don’t think she likes talking to me and doesn’t want to hear me talk to her. So I read these conversations back and forth and then I realize how lonely my little boy truly is that he is messaging, replying and conversing with himself. And that’s when I made it a point to sit down and have conversations every day ..several times a day with this little boy to let him know how special he is . how interesting he is .. and how much he is loved The vast majority of research suggests different causes, not just one, and the causes vary depending on the perspectives of the researches. For example, when physicists look at the physics, they see greenhouse gasses as the overarching cause. Political scientists see almost intractable problems with regulating global activity in a world with competing national interests. Educators struggle against disinformation from selfish interests. And information technologists struggles against trolls, etc.

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