Amityshirt – Official Arkansas Girl Shirt

I really do believe that after the Official Arkansas Girl Shirt in other words I will buy this pandemic—well, not after, because I think it will be ongoing—that people will just want to enjoy themselves, whether that’s through clothing, self-expression, or just going out for a meal. I’ve something coming out at the end of March, beginning of April, which I can’t talk about yet—which has definitely been informed by the fact that I’m desperate to go out and party again! I think for big brands it’s harder, because if they’re a huge brand they’ve been running a longer time, and it means there’s a company culture that will take a long time to undo. It can’t just be a media or marketing ploy to say, “We’re going to be sustainable now.” You have to implement positive change and good practice at every level. So I think it will take a while, but they can look at their own inventories, what they have left over, and look at who they can bring in to rework that. It could be an opportunity to work with a smaller designer. London’s got some great ones—so they can take their pick! How can they turn something that’s a liability into an asset?

Official Arkansas Girl Shirt

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