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It also seems to me that the position of “spare” has a Wild Thing Major League cool baseball shirt tendency toward toxic privilege that leads that person into all manner of trouble. Harry and Andrew both display this in spades, and Princess Margaret was also a problem child. The scandals and problems almost seem like a necessary process to properly prune the tree back to good shape — either the branch has to learn to conform or be lopped off (sometimes to take root elsewhere). I hope Princess Charlotte can find healthy outlets to avoid this, but I have confidence in the DDOC’s good parenting and think it will be beneficial to have Prince Louis to share her situation with. She called again 30 minutes later. Two other customers had used the night drop. No keys or envelopes were present. One person’s truck was stolen off the lot. The shop said they would cut me a new key. I told them they should rekey my car given the thieves had all my personal and vehicle information. I also asked if they had filed a police report. They did for the stolen truck but not the two of us who had keys and personal information stolen. This phenomenon was explained to me by a veteran black officer many years ago. His theory was that very light skinned black people are (were?) looked down on by darker skinned black people and feel they( lighter person)must behave militant and try to sound more southern or soulful to make up for their lack of darkness.Wild Thing Major League cool baseball shirt

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AND my Great niece is a LOT more sensitive and can pick up a lot of things that are going on around her. She was about 4 years old when her parents made a “kitchen” out of an older TV cabinet for her and her Grandmother was babysitting and said that SHE needed to be careful NOT to think about that “Christmas gift”! Because my great niece could pick up her grandmother’s thoughts. AND when her great grandmother was moving to a senior’s home my great niece pointed to a place that had been talked about but that she had not been around when they looked at that space or even when they talked about it. And my great niece pointed out that potential residence when she had not seen or heard about it before

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