Official Firefighters for Trump shirt

Next thing you know I’m hunting a venue, caterer, florist and band. BIG SIGH. Another 3 ring circus, none of which I wanted. Only one thing I DID want (besides the groom.) A 3 tier wedding cake covered in fondant and candy dogwood flowers. It was a Martha Stewart cake and has been featured in several magazines. I finally found a bakery that would make it, and the darn thing cost me more than my dress and live band combined. But it was my money, and I wanted it. Only problem? Our venue was miles outside the baker’s delivery area. On the way to the venue, cake in the back of my Cherokee with me driving like I was hauling nuclear bombs, some jackass ran a red light and T-boned me. Totalling both my Cherokee and that ridiculously expensive wedding cake. I was banged up a bit, but not seriously injured. We ended up serving a Publix sheet cake, which tasted pretty good. And the final insult? Grandma Jessee did not attend. It was a lovely day, once I got over the totalled car and ruined cake. Now we laugh about it. Our Silver wedding anniversary is in two weeks. The cake is being delivered this time. I sure do wish my beautiful Mother was still here to celebrate with us.Firefighters for Trump shirt

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Food prepared one day would never be reheated and served the next: that would almost certainly be illegal, and if not would violate the policies of the restaurant chain. Such a thing was unthinkable when I was working in fast food (early 80’s) and anyone caught doing it would have been fired on the spot. A few years ago my father was unwell to say the least with what was determined to be bowl cancer, while on one of his many visits to the doctors he parked in the only available spot which was a doctors reserved spot, While waiting for an appointment slot to become available as an emergency appointment a receptionist read out a reg no asking who’s it was. so my father acknowledged it was his. She then got in his face shouting at my 77 year old father to move his car. To which he did. After this she returned and in a very loud voice told him to move his car yet again as he was now parked in a disabled place. at this point my father who never swore responded with a few well chosen expletive’s telling to shut her mouth and open her eyes as there was a Blue disabled badge on his dashboard.

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