Newartshirt – National Champions 2021 Texas Flag Map Basketball Shirt

When the National Champions 2021 Texas Flag Map Basketball Shirt What’s more,I will buy this consultant came around to see me a few hours later, she confirmed I did, in fact, have stage 2 endometriosis and the pain was not all in my head. She apologized for not validating my pain earlier and explained I had been referred to a specialist surgeon in another hospital because she could not remove the endometriosis because of its location. Lauren I have to apologize. The pain was not in your head you have stage 2 endometriosis covering the left side of your uterus, Pouch of Douglas, and I’m nearly positive on your large bowel, we need to refer you for specialized surgery. I’m sorry I dismissed your pain.’ In that moment, tears just flooded my eyes. I was so happy to finally understand what was happening inside my body but also so afraid of the potential effects this chronic illness could have on my fertility and my body.

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