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I’m an RN who had to have an MRI and am extremely H Town Houston TX shirt. Yes I had to have sedation for the test. Rather than people freak out I always had the Dr. Talk to the patient before the test and then the patient had the option to receive sedation. If this happens during the test it was stopped either temporary and get an order for sedation or cancelled and patient sent back to his unit. We certainly didn’t want patients to freak out and hurt themselves. Since there is little room in the MRI machine you can bang your head trying to sit up or get out. The only real use for us was to keep boxes off the floor. We used one rented storage unit and had insect infestations, dry rot and vermin in our goods. And this was a national chain and a newer storage unit. They are only good for big bulky items. We also rented two portable storage pods and the results were fantastic. Even household goods came unpacked smelling (somewhat) fresh. Of course we laundered everything afterwards but I sure do reccomend the pods over a storage space. Note that our furniture and household goods were in storage for over a year while we built a new house. Another benefit of portable pods is you only load/unload once. With a storage space we had to load the truck, unload at the space, reload when we were ready to move it, then unload it all over again, Pods were much more efficient. Cost? Storage space was 180$/month for a 10×20 and the pods were 180/month for 10×12H Town Houston TX shirt

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I have an artificial knee. My husband and I were traveling in January and it was cold, so under my jeans, I wore a pair of fleecy tights. When we got to security, none of the full body scan machines were working. When I went through the standard metal detector, my knee set off sirens. I told the woman security officer that it was my knee but she explained she’d still need to do a full head to toe pat-down. When she got to my legs, she ran her hands down my jeans, causing my tights to scrunch up. When she finished the pat-down, she realized that I was trying to realign my clothing and failing. Meanwhile, my husband, who had gone through security with less enforced intimacy, was standing a distance away. All he could see was me and this TSA officer, laughing so hard that we were literally leaning into each other to remain standing upright.

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