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H&M will most likely have their titles taken away Firefighters for Trump shirt and they can go back to living a life of real privacy, away from the toxic royal life they claim to want to escape from. Their freedom will be completed. If you’re an adult you could certainly take him in, but I don’t know what the legal position would be if your parents objected. I know a guy here in the UK who did just that – took in his much younger, autistic sister to protect her from their abusive mother – but the mother uses the threat of taking her back to emotionally blackmail him. my mom farted loud and said did you like that fred? (or whatever its name was) she said something like that. and the closet door slammed shut. now keep in mind this all happened at my nana’s house in the room at the end of the hall. and almost every time i visit and go in that room i get chills and one time my cousin swore she saw a dark shadow fly past her in that room. There is literally no upside to an employer giving a reference for a former employee. The person no longer works for you, and whilst it is nice to be nice, it also creates legal exposure. Your ‘being nice’ could end up getting you sued. Therefore lots of companies have policies against it simply to limit their legal exposure. Those may either be absolute prohibitions, or they may limit persons to only given references on a personal basis rather than on behalf of the company (‘on your own head be it’ type rules). Firefighters for Trump shirt

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I went to check on my sprained ankle when I was 23, I’m 27 now. I went in there and at the time I was in college still. He’d been my doctor since I was 17. I went in there without my mother, or my boyfriend (then) I walked into his office and there was a big confederate flag, and that was the biggest red flag in my life (figuratively). I tried to sit there acting like I didn’t notice it. And at the time Trump was in the election because it was July of 2016. This man had a make america great again hat on, and that was another red flag. See he seemed like a really nice person. He had pictures of his family in there. I didn’t worry about the big trump supporter signs I just let him check my ankle. See once I lied down, that’s when I knew I couldn’t trust him. For a second he looked at my ankle, touched it a couple of times, and started to move his hand up on my leg then to my thigh. His hand started to move higher, and then he looked at me. I didn’t want to say he did this because of his belief in politics. So I’m not going to. But that was my experience with a republican doctor.

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