Dtkshirt- Baylor Bears 2021 Final Four Signatures Shirt

My point is that I have to believe it. Ultimately, as much as the Baylor Bears 2021 Final Four Signatures Shirt moreover I love this clothing has to be fantastic, the personality has to match the clothing. There has to be something that really tells the narrative. In any sort of product, you have to believe the maker. And I didn’t want to talk about their fears for the future; I wanted them to escape into their world. I honestly think we have enough fear on a 24/7 basis, so I really wanted them to focus on what they really wanted to say. All of them were incredibly optimistic, and we have to be optimistic. We’re not in a Netflix series, we’re in reality. You can’t get addicted to the next chapter. So I wanted them not to be interrupted and saying what they wanted to say, to really watch them own the stage and be at peace for 20 minutes! I found them incredibly diverse in terms of viewpoints, and that’s really humbling. Each of them has a particular viewpoint. They do not compete against each other, which I think is really nice.

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