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When I ask Grasso whether she worried about receiving fatphobic pushback after writing the article, she’s very clear: “Yes, because it’s rampant.” Grasso recalls Andrew Yang’s campaign-trail fat jokes about Donald Trump. Seeing that play out reminded her that fatphobia is “one of the Pontoon Get on Loser We’re Doing Boatstuff shirt last remaining ‘okay’ biases to have.” Like Catherine, Grasso is glad to have gotten the vaccine based on her BMI, but she’s aware of the difficulty it could pose for others in the same position: “It must be hard for a lot of people to be like, Well, technically I qualify, but what am I allowing to be said about my body? Do I want the stigma associated with being a fat person who can get vaccinated?” Writer Samantha Grasso, 27, recently received the vaccine in Austin based on her BMI, an experience that she wrote about in a Discourse Blog article titled “I’m Getting Vaccinated Because of Fatphobia.” In the article, Grasso refers to BMI as “a white supremacist, fatphobic metric for health and health disparities,” noting that recovery from her own struggle with disordered eating was partially what brought her into the category that the medical establishment deems obese.

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