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Not really. As long as the If it’s not about fishing I_m interested shirt Also,I will get this cat is drinking water, it will be fine if it doesn’t eat for a week. However, if there is dry food available, the cat is probably eating when no one is looking. Canned cat food being left in the bowl? Cats are emotional and attached to their humans. Most dogs will eat anything for anyone, but cats are more complex creatures. Is the litter box being used? That will tell you what’s going on when no one is looking. If the cat doesn’t eat anything by 4–5 days, it might be worth considering if he ate something that is blocking his digestive tract. Keep leaving provided food out as instructed by the bother and the cat will get around to eating when hunger is stronger than anxiety.So unless you want your cat to be severely injured, perhaps killed, and you have the money for large vet bills, forget that idea. The other cat in your garden is probably your neighbours. But if you are sure it’s a stray and you don’t want to adopt it, contact your local pet rescue to set a trap for it.

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Yes there is no problem with that. As long as they have water food litter trays and toys . They will be fine. I feed mine in the If it’s not about fishing I_m interested shirt Also,I will get this morning before work and in the late afternoon when I get home. Mine do have a cat flap and access to outside when they please. As long as they have at least 2 meals a day and biscuits down in day time they will be ok. Cats thrive on routine. So as long as they know the time you’re coming and go. They will get used to this. If you are working extremely long hours tho you may need someone to come in and check on them. You don’t say why your cats are indoor cats. The only problem with this is that they could get very bored. Maybe if you have room you could invest in a catio. It’s an outdoor area that’s enclosed and your cats could spend their daytime there and that would help relieve boredom. Also when you come I from work make a fuss and spend some time with your cats. If I’m having to go out again I make sure that I have at least a couple of hours with my cats on my return from work before venturing out again. Also in the spring summer months when cats like to be out you still have to keep to the feeding routine. But you will find that your cats enjoy the nicer weather and will come in for food but probably spend more time outside. Which then frees you up a bit. To all do your own things. So it may be worth considering letting them out. To relieve the boredom of being stuck in the house for its entire existence. At least they have each other for company tho. It’s something to think about. And your cats won’t go far. It’s also much better for their health, happiness and wellbeing

I can give you one example that happened to me- years ago we bought a beautiful Rottweiler pup , 8 weeks old. About a year later our family went to an all breed dog show where hundreds of AKC breeds were to be shown, including the Frog Karma list missed someone gift for you shirt] […]

I don’t personally know anyone who neglects or abuses their dog because, why would I be friends with someone like that? And if I saw a dog being abused, I’d intervene, as I’ve done on several occasions. There are so many horrible ways a dog can be abused – they can be beaten or starved, […]

Inflammatory brain disease is a broad term that encompasses three specific diseases, granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis (GME), necrotizing meningoencephalitis (NME), and necrotizing encephalitis (NE). These three different diseases cause slightly different types of brain damage and classically occur in different parts of the Fight Like A Lion All Awareness Over Print Shirt in other words I will […]

“My dog”, whoever you are, 4 mo old is called a “puppy” and puppies are NOT adults. Seriously!? Did you really not know of this before getting one?? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I have some choice words but I’d refrain. But I will say this: it’s a puppy, a puppy. They make messes, pee & poo inside, at […]

I have been owning dogs and cats since a very young age. Let me share with you a true incident, something which changed my life forever! We had 8 cats, plus 5 stray dogs. My Mom was an ardent animal lover. She got a brain stroke and died within 5 days leaving us devastated. That […]

These two forms interact with the Cat it’s all good in kindergarten shirt besides I will buy this second half of the sentence: “but he died”. If you said “My dog would love you”, a logical follow up question would be “Oh, what’s his name?” If you said “My dog would have loved you”, a […]

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