Some of us grew up listening to Sweet the cool ones still do signature shirt

But regardless of profession, certifications, or familial Some of us grew up listening to Sweet the cool ones still do signature shirt, you do NOT give a minor a medical test without the parents’ knowledge or consent. I’m not sure if it’s fully a legal issue, but it’s definitely an ethical issue where I live! And to be clear about how this relates to your question, it’s just another thing that she thought she could do that would go completely unnoticed and unannounced to us!! I’ve got to say, I’ve told mine to leave several times and totally ment it. He probably would if someone just falls in his lap ready to deal with his BS and generally gives him what he feels he needs and wants. That wont stop him from his lies, sneaking around and acting like a 15 year old but he just keeps on with the gaslighting and tells me he LOVES ME.

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Sure he does, he shows me all the time just how much. Mine knows I would rather him leave than just allow him to be the whoredog he loves to play. He rarely goes anywhere , he likes our lifestyle but I know his game. He pays as much or more bill’s than I do now. Leave, great, stay, if he can control his sex addiction and be decent, not screaming, degrading or generally a butt! Really, I think the only way to live with a narc and remain same is set your mind to keep your life in control and let him/her know if you want me, our life style I’m going to be me and there will be boundries or That’s what I did even though she seemed a little miffed. I, frankly, was surprised that anyone would serve raw meat to a first-time dinner guest without first checking that s/he would be interested in eating it. Let’s face it, it’s not something everyone would eat. I simply couldn’t.

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