Straight outta 1981 #40 Af shirt

I later found out that she was an only child and that’s why her parents Straight outta 1981 #40 Af shirt super protective over her her whole life. She never had to deal with anything, handle anything on her own or solve her own problems. I’m not saying that every only child grows up like this; that was just the case for her. Years ago, I saw a defense attorney jump up and make a 5 minute impassioned speaking objection (not really proper) to a question asked by a prosecutor. The defense counsel sounded outraged. He cited case law and argued the question was very improper. The defense counsel was clearly expecting the question. He had pages of notes supporting his objection with numerous case citations. The defense counsel was a well-known former jurist. The judge then turned to the prosecutor and asked for his response.

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The prosecutor simply said, “I just want to know if the court clerk told the juror he could leave.” The witness was a juror in a case accused of juror misconduct by the defense. The judge simply, and matter of factly, stated: overruled. It completely undercut the defense. Maybe you had to be there, but I thought it was very funny and really put the defense counsel in his place. As someone who is not a parent but as someone who was adopted at birth, I will share my viewpoint for you. If you are 16 years old and you want to talk to your real dad, you must ask yourself first “ Is this person even a good guy”? If he was forced to put you up for adoption or foster care of some sort, that typically means he was not good to be a father. Parents protecting you from seeing your biological father is just their way of saying they are your parents. Not him. He hasn’t been in your life, and we have.

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