Nxhshirt – American Flag Neanderthal Thinking for Proud Neanderthals Shirt

Nigeria celebrated 60 years of independence this year, and there’s much to commemorate: It’s one of the fastest-growing countries in Africa; it has the Nxhshirt – American Flag Neanderthal Thinking for Proud Neanderthals Shirt continent’s largest economy; and, with its robust film industry, influential music scene, and burgeoning fashion landscape, Nigeria has become a global cultural powerhouse. But the country is also facing significant challenges, from extreme income inequality (40% of the country’s population lives at or below the poverty line) to police corruption and brutality (the ongoing #EndSARs protests began in October)—and those are only the most imminent issues. Following close behind looms the existential threat of climate change. Nigeria has been significantly impacted by climate change in the last decade. Rising temperatures—the average is now 91 degrees in the summer—have been accompanied by sporadic rainfall, drought, and flooding, all of which burden an already-stressed citizenry. It’s clear that the next chapter of Nigeria’s story can’t be written without addressing climate change head-on

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