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I can pick my own damn music. Collaboration is now possible across borders My President Vladimir Putin President Russia Russian Politic shirt, continents, and languages. Music is the universal language, one that many of us can not speak, but we can all subconsciously understand. The rise of low-cost computing will give billions of people a new musical voice that can be heard anywhere around the globe. So rejoice, the best music is being created right now. You just have to spend a little time looking, but for your efforts, you will be rewarded with sonic bliss! Yes, those neural do and mean a lot to us, but we are much more than the sum of their parts. Just as a hypothetical, entertain the idea that you are only made of neurons, no flesh, no blood, and bones (and let’s not forget those pesky hormones). Somehow it doesn’t look like fun to be reduced to that. Neurons do not feel pleasure or pain, that’s why for a brain operation only local anesthesia is needed (cutting the skin and bones will hurt).

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My President Vladimir Putin President Russia Russian Politic shirt

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Your question does, however, address a much deeper problem: What does it mean to exist as a living creature who happens to have a lot of neurons (ca. 100 billion in the brain alone which combined with their interconnections make it what has been termed the most complex structure in the universe). That phrase ‘living creature’ should be the starting point for a meditation on what we are because it is what differentiates us from non-living matter, and also groups us with all other living creatures with no a priori standing. Living creatures are strictly speaking dissipative structures that have the ability to maintain a stable structure for a certain amount of time. Without elaborating on the various organs and systems of living creatures but taking them for granted.


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