Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bruce Lee Game of Death Martial fan shirt

I think this will continue for several years until the system will flip in favor of bitcoin. But I am pretty sure, nobody, including banks and governments Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bruce Lee Game of Death Martial fan shirt, will destroy bitcoin. First, they can not, Second, it is the best exit for them in the long run. So You will see it will go up, in an exponential way, but of course, there will be moments, people, traders, banks, miners and governments do take their share and profit to invest in society or hm, clean their sheets. Same time paper money is printed. So we will see fluctuations. In the story, which Plato came up with, there are a few prisoners that have been chained to a cave wall, for as long as they can remember. All they have ever seen are the shadows of what has passed behind the wall, cast on the wall in front of them by the sun.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar vs Bruce Lee Game of Death shirt

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bruce Lee Game of Death Martial fan shirt

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One day, a prisoner escapes from his shackles and wanders out of the cave. After his eyes adjust, he finally sees a new dimension to reality that he’s never seen before. He can’t believe his eyes. He runs back into the cave to tell the others. The problem is, they don’t believe him. To the prisoners, he just sounds insane. Don’t think that you must have the answer. If you ever find out, most people probably won’t believe you, or worse, they might think you’ve lost your mind. Regardless, no matter how dream-like life may seem to you, treat it as you would the waking state or true reality. Life is real, in the sense that this ‘dream’ has very real consequences. Resistance or unbalance in this process is likely a big driver of divorce. Dissonance occurs between male images of dominance versus the realities of submission to the supporting role of family man and provider. The person that doesn’t like this quote probably has a harder time with this process.

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