Funny Rip Pop Smoke shirt

I was once in the process of moving out of one rental house and into another. My lease was up as of the 1st of the next month, so on the 31st of that month I had all my stuff boxed up, a moving van in the driveway, and a couple friends helping me load things up. As we were packing the last few stray items up, I heard a knock on the door, and one of my friends asked me why there was a deputy showing up at my house. Turned out my landlord’s son, who had a falling out with another member of my family, called the police and told them there were squatters at my residence. I had to dig through my boxes to find my lease contract and show the cop my ID before he would leave. The craziest thing to me still is that I was literally on my way out. If the cop had shown up two hours later he would have found an empty house. So much for squatting.

Funny Rip Pop Smoke shirt

Everyone’s a bit Irish on St Patrick’s Day rainbow shirt

Dr. Seuss I do so like green eggs and ham shirt

Dr. Seuss green eggs and ham shirt

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So ready for the weekend beer sex and Green Bay Packers shirt

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Now coming back from Africa on a 12 -13 hour flight with Delta before the pandemic Delta would serve dinner and breakfast along with a snack shortly before landing. The snack usually included a granola bar or a candy bar of some sort. But, not everyone eats those as we are landing in the early morning hours right when customs opens for the day 5:30 to 6:00 am. We clear customs and then usually people from the same flight will reach security to take a domestic connecting flight home. So while we just flew together for 12+ hours on the same plane overnight we don’t actually know each other.

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