Baltimore Orioles Prank Robinson Brooks Robinson Cal Ripken and Jim Palmer signature shirt

Imagine being old lonely and hated untill you die. And the Baltimore Orioles Prank Robinson Brooks Robinson Cal Ripken and Jim Palmer signature shirt if any who are still around you, who put up with you, or believe the whaleshyte your feeding them are such disgusting pathetic suckers that you hate them even more than everyone else hates you. But you’d do anything just to keep them around, just to charm anyone or anything to abuse them. As the abuse is the only way to stop your inner critic from driving you to suicide. Anyways we had a great dinner, got up to leave and they ended up leaving a few seconds after we got up. We walked outside and called a cab and were waiting when the three of them came out and were saying their goodbyes beside us. They broke the ice with us. Sandler made a joke about the beans not doing anything for foreplay later with his wife.

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We all laughed and it seemed they were waiting for a few mins for a ride too. So she keeps them throughout that weekend, and when it’s time for them to come home, not only does he come home with a haircut (noticeable, yes, and not a good haircut!), but hours later, he tells me “MiMi got me to pee on a stick”. After questioning him and researching what it was he was describing, I find out she gave him a diabetes test! Without our knowledge or consent! I guess she feels obligated to do so since she has access to certain tests from her work, as a Ped Nurse, but there’s a reason our children see a different Pediatrician in a completely different office (with different nurses). {Not to mention the doctor she was “raised” under has run down his business, has a felony charge for narcotics, multiple affairs with nurses, and is known for diagnosing children & medicating them without taking the time to figure out the actual issues}

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