Aquascaping Legend shirt

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Kurogouchi translated her theme somewhat literally with two traditional Japanese techniques. The first is itajime shibori dyeing, where the fabric is pleated and each pleat is pressed between boards, so that just the ridges of the pleat meet the Aquascaping Legend shirt dye. It’s used on her wafting midi-skirts and on a knotted blouse, flickers of honey orange and black dye framing the silhouettes. She also worked with the sole clay marbling factory in Japan, based in Kyoto, to create swirling marble prints that shift from black-and-white to a furious vermilion. “No straight lines,” she said over a Zoom call. She developed a curved pleating technique seen on a gray tunic and an irregular ribbed knit set in which each rib swells and thins down the body.

Aquascaping Legend shirt

Buy this shirt:  Aquascaping Legend shirt

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