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If you haven’t worked there, don’t speculate because every company Just us Alabama a shirt, and the state in which it stands are different. Google can help those folks. Also, you may report rude people and Quora moderators will handle rude behavior. Rise above the snowflakes ignores rude comments. Take the high road where the sun shines bright and melts those incompetent little snowflakes. Clearly, incompetent if they can’t tell how to respond in a civil manner and probably too ignorant to know they are lacking some social skills. I study at the Johns Hopkins University and I’m continuously surrounded by super smart and competitive students which would make me a good fit to answer this question. My flatmate is one of the most competitive people I have ever met. Allow me to list out some pros and cons.

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Competitive behavior is seen at even the smallest incidents like selecting the room when you move in, choosing the compartment in the refrigerator to big events like exams. But all these things seem really small when we look at the pros! There is no exception to that. These people might not become your best friends but will always challenge you to level up and teach a lot. Now, this can be pretty exhausting at times but let’s look at the bright side. Since you are always trying to compete with them, you are always way ahead of everyone else and get the first fish. You literally lose lethargy and feel like you have achieved something. Lastly, since your adrenaline has already rushed, you get a lot more done than you would have done otherwise. When you win a competition with these people, they immediately try to find competition in something else and challenge you with that. This keeps you in the game and that feeling of winning inspires you to better yourself!

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