Islanders 1980s legends signatures shirt

Everyone has said that you must focus on academics more than extracurricular activities Islanders 1980s legends signatures shirt. But I totally disagree with all of them. At your age, extracurricular activities are far more important for your future. Your 8th grade GPA will be forgotten in time (a very short time actually). All you have to do is graduate. I am not sure how it is in India, but in America, community colleges have a 100% acceptance rate as long as you have a high-school diploma. From community college, you can get accepted into better schools. So it really isn’t until college that grades start to matter. Grades matter in college because you usually have to get a job during college, and you will probably end up wanting to go to a good school for personal reasons. But if you can make it through college, your GPA is forgotten forever, your diploma is a black box for that. What really matters is your skills, and that you have a firm grasp of who you are and what you want to do with your life, and also that you have a good work ethic.

Islanders 1980s legends signatures shirt

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The reality is that there is hardly anything important that a person can do with only skills in Scratch, Arduino, and VB (visual basic?). You say this is your “work” but where you really truly working hard on your projects? I have a little cousin who is still in elementary school. He has one of the shortest attention spans I have ever seen, but he is able to make games in Scratch and do lots of experiments with Arduino on a similar schedule. You are in the 8th grade, you should be capable of far more right now. It is only when you can truly and honestly say that you are putting every ounce of your being into programming that you can talk about taking away your punishment. Your punishment is not for failing, it is for not trying your absolute best. You have to learn how to try harder. You really shouldn’t make excuses for your poor performance. The other people in your class don’t affect you. You chose to get a bad grade through your actions. You even said you waited until the last minute to start studying.


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