Green Eggs and Hamilton shirt

Pick up the Green Eggs and Hamilton shirt cocktail bread if you don’t feel like cutting the bread into quarters. She did that. The day care place said only the egg salad was eaten. Kids don’t like fussy things-at least most don’t. Spaghetti and meatballs are usually safe bets. As the parent you scoop the appropriate amount into the plate. If they are little give them a tiny spoonful of everything. You can always add more. I think forcing them to clear their plate creates an unhealthy relationship with food. Dessert doesn’t have to be ice cream. It can be fresh fruit that is cut up. Make food that they like. If they only like corn-make corn. I recall when I watched my nieces for extended periods of time was that they didn’t have to eat every bite, but they did have to try it. One of my brothers kids only likes brown/beige food. Just hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken.

Sunflower love like Jesus shirt

She will eat a tiny amount of veggies and hates bread. My brother got scolded by the teacher for Only giving her pop tarts for lunch. I made lunch meat rolls of Turkey and cheese, she looked at it like nah, but she tried it and liked it. That became her lunch instead of the sugar my brother was giving her. This all happened last year in 2020. I have been a Nurses Aide for a number of years now and everyone knows how your back can be compromised in the healthcare profession. One day after a harder than normal shift, I noticed while in the shower there was a spot on my back between my shoulder blades that was tingling and had absolutely no sensation what so ever. I couldn’t feel myself washing that area so I called my sister into the bathroom to see if I could feel her hand touching me. And again, nothing. I thought of it as odd but I was in no pain so I let it go for a few days. The numbness and tingling then extended to my shoulder and had begun to radiate down my arm.


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