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It’s Disney in my veins friends in my heart shirt every progressive’s dream. No smoking, no junk food, no sugary 32 Ounce drinks, just carrot sticks, and tasteless mystery meat. Prison food has to be cheap, and not provoke costly lawsuits. Customers can either eat the prison food, live off expensive store food, or lose weight and not eat. If they do not like the Liver Soup, they will have to come back tomorrow. Next time someone talks Government ran health care, low fat and low sugar foods, no junk foods, think prison medical and food services. That employees would come back sharp before the lunch hour ends, open their laptops and watch something on youtube or read some gossip-news or chat with someone till they feel interested to work. If you are getting the required work done, it doesn’t matter when the employee comes to the office, when he leaves or what he does in the office.

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This of course doesn’t apply to jobs where teamwork is there. In such cases, delay of one person can delay the work, which leads to lot of roadblocks in the future. First and foremost, be aware that this type of loss is tough and is similar to grief. The rule is to stop buying, make sure any high risk trades or investments have stop losses OR perhaps selling. Accept that now, you are at the stage of your career in investing or trading that you are going to learn how not to lose money. You have the make money part. But you need the other side of the coin: how do you not lose this much ever again? No one ever deliberately makes a bad decision. People make decisions based upon the information they have at hand at that moment. They may allow their emotions to blindside them to risk, but they are not deliberately trying to lose money in the stock market. You feel like a giant vacuum cleaner just sucked out all of your guts and it is hard to breath at times.

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