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Any time I tried to talk to him about anything he would claim to have advanced degrees in whatever the How philosophy works you think things you are wrong shirt and I love this topic was and just refuse to discuss it. He must have claimed to have 60 PhDs. Finally, I just gave up. I tried talking to him but he did his usual thing. I disabled new orders, packed all existing orders and shipped them, and then left forever. I didn’t take anything – not even the computer that was technically mine but purchased for me by the company. He went ape shit crazy and started calling suppliers, customers, etc and telling them I’d ripped him off. I had set up the company’s PayPal account. He called them and reported a theft and that somehow locked up my account, the accounts of my friends and family, the accounts of customers, etc. I had something like $10k frozen and just disappeared from my account. I never got it back. It was a huge mess. Decades later, I still can’t use PayPal. I was speechless after that. I knew she didn’t think any girl was good enough for her son, but the way she said it made it very clear she disliked me intensely and wanted us to break up. He didn’t hear this particular comment but other comments she made about me that he did hear, he mostly let pass. He almost never tried to defend me when she was out of line. I didn’t know about her for that reason. He spent his off-hours with me so there was no way I would have known. He really never changed the way he treated me. And since he was using her, I now know why. But he dumped her the night I found out and she was whining all over the internet that he just “dumped her like that” instead of showing her any care. She had tried to convince me he gave a damn about her when I confronted her. I knew better, so I really wasn’t sweating her at all. She was the narcissist, not him. He’s disabled and was targeted due to his disability. The whore chased after him for a year because she wanted money she thought she could get her hands on from a trust fund and our assets, along with her disgusting (Chester the Molester-looking) husband. And I guess in the process she realized she’d have a better life with him than Chester. So she was desperate to latch onto him and furious that he didn’t give a damn.

How philosophy works you think things you are wrong s ladies-tee

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