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At the Unicorn workout because murder is wrong shirt also I will do this beginning of the first episode of the new Netflix series titled Pretend It’s a City, Fran Lebowitz and Martin Scorsese are answering questions from a live audience while taping during a public discussion. One person asks Lebowitz, “How would you describe your lifestyle?” In her signature acerbic tone, Lebowitz, author, and maestro of unapologetic quips replies: “Well, I assure you I would never use the word ‘lifestyle.’” Bam. Zing.

Unicorn workout because murder is wrong shirt

Pretend This Is a City, out today, is a portrait of the Unicorn workout because murder is wrong shirt also I will do this iconic author and humorist as seen through Scorsese’s lens and with her dually beloved and hated New York City as the backdrop. The series briefly touches on her history, as someone with no further education outside of a GED, as a writer, as the author of Metropolitan Life and Social Studies, and as an artist whose years-long writer’s block turned her into a prolific public speaker and political and cultural commenter. There are also flashes of her close connections to the literary and art world and to pop culture, such as her work as a columnist for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, her friendships with Peter Hujar and Toni Morrison and her youth in New York, visiting Studio 54 with Calvin Klein and Betsey Johnson and seeing The Dolls play at The Mercer Arts Center before it, quite literally, fell down. In the 7-part series, Scorsese interviews his close friend about everything from the evolution of Manhattan to jazz and space travel. The sit-downs are interspersed with scenes of Lebowitz strolling through the city (which, when they filmed, was still full of life as it was pre-pandemic), as well as footage from previous television interviews.

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